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Interior Designs Worth-Considering for Your Dream Home Project

Interior Designs Worth-Considering for Your Dream Home Project

Your home’s ambiance could have a profound impact on your mood and quality of life. So, you better plan your abode’s design effectively. Ask around at your homeowners association in Chicago, Illinois for some insights and tips. Or better yet, consider the following designs for your luxury dream home:

  • Zen
    Looking to create a calming space for your loved ones? Follow a Zen interior design. This theme can help you bring nature into your space. Add water features (e.g., fountains, pools). Have potted plants to add some refreshing green accents to your space. Although the Zen design is a bit minimalist, you can show off your luxurious side by having top-of-the-line kitchen equipment.
  • Classical Luxury
    Want your home to be a reflection of the grandiose design of the neoclassical era of Roman and Greek architecture? Follow the classical luxury theme. Opt for grand chandeliers, elaborate ceiling design, tall pillars, and wall-beading. With this design, you’ll be confident in inviting your friends from the Sauganash community association for dinner, knowing that your home’s design doesn’t disappoint.
  • Modern luxury
    Excited about creating an ultramodern home fitted with all the amenities for urban living? Pick up the modern design. This trend highlights the “function before form” mantra wherein equipment, fixtures, furniture pieces, and other interior features are chosen based on their usability. The windows and doors are huge to let in more natural ventilation and lighting for cost-efficiency and better indoor air quality. Despite its focus on function, the modern luxury home design also has a touch of sophistication with the use of neutral or monochromatic colors alongside clean lines.

Designing your dream home is a fun project. Once you’ve decided on your theme, it might be time to contact Sauganash Woods Homeowner’s Association, homeowners community in Illinois, for a potential luxury property to buy.

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