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Sauganash Community in Chicago, Illinois

a gorgeous house

The Residences of Sauganash, a 17-acre community of 81 single-family homes in Chicago’s Northwest Side, opened in 1998.

Sauganash Woods development was a joint venture between Bejco Development, Chicago, IL and Terrestris Development, Oakbrook, IL.

The first order of business in 1999 for Sauganash Woods was to elect our first Board of Directors. Our first board consisted of Arthur Mitchell (President), Thomas LoVerde (Vice president), Penny Tessier (Secretary), and Bruce Friedman (Chairman of the Board).

Soon after our B.O.D. was in place, we formed an Architectural review committee and a common area space committee. David Selke headed up the A.R.C. and Nadine Divito lead the effort for many years to build and maintain a beautiful tranquil common area for our residences to enjoy.

Over the years, our children have grown and the community has gracefully aged. The trees have matured, homes have been painted, and additions have been built. Our Homeowners Community in Illinois has evolved and continues to change but the charm and warmth of our neighborhood remained.